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Use Rewards In Employee Wellness Programs

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Employee Wellness Program There are a few key factors to a successful employee wellness program. The folks at the
Lane Report have boiled it down to three. Are you driving your program with these components? If not, it may be time to adjust.

  1. Manage by Reward, Not Punishment: In the age old discussion of the carrot and the stick, this group votes (as many do) to manage through carrots. Promoting a program through rewards will make the program positive and seem more voluntary, while maintaining comparable engagement rates.
  2. Be an Effective Motivator: Your employee wellness program should motivate employees through clear goals and communication, and the best motivator, peer leadership. If you identify a few employees who are willing to be "ambassadors" for the program from management to employees they will create a peer-to-peer environment that can be the ultimate motivator.
  3. Keep Technology Simple: However you choose to track your program, whatever software you give your employees access to, keep it simple. There are a number of platforms and programs to use and we aren't in the business of endorsing any of them. Whatever you do, keep it simple so your staff doesn't get lost in the technology. Don't limit the reach of your employee wellness program by overcomplicating it.

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