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Speedway Acquires Hess

Posted, by Jennifer DiPietro on 03/24/2015
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Speedway.jpegOn September 30, 2014, Speedway LLC, closed on its acquisition of Hess’ retail operations and related assets. This acquisition provides Speedway a significant growth opportunity by expanding their retail presence from 9 states to now 23 states throughout the East Coast and the Southeast regions. Over the next three years, Speedway will begin re-branding Hess stores to the Speedway identity, which is scheduled to begin early this year.

The acquisition is expected to be a good move for motorists. Speedway has a competitive loyalty rewards program with over 4 million members that will likely expand to the Hess brand. Speedway has been a price leader, even driving gas prices in certain markets. Speedway, which is headquartered in Enon, Ohio, is now the nation’s second-largest company-owned and operated convenience store chain in the U.S. with approximately 2,750 stores located in 23 states.

Speedway is a subsidiary of the Marathon Petroleum Corp.
Click here to read more about the acquisition. GiftCard Partners is proud to partner with Speedway in their corporate gift card program.  Now that Speedway is coming to your area, learn more about purchasing Speedway gift cards in bulk.  Speedway gift cards are the perfect addition to your employee rewards, loyalty programs, and more.

Click here to learn more! What happens when Speedway acquires Hess? Watch a Hess Express become a Speedway LLC c-store in 61 seconds!


Speedway significantly ahead of schedule in Hess conversions! Click
here for more.

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