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Corporate Responsibility Drives Sales

Posted, by Rachel (Merkin) Welt on 04/27/2015
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Corporate responsibility is on the rise as corporations feel compelled to give back to the community. Major brands have taken note and develop their own way of giving back, from grocers like Whole Foods Market sourcing items through local farms and suppliers, to pharmacy retailers like CVS/pharmacy enabling employees to recognize one another's accomplishments my earning points that they can later attribute to a charitable donation from the company on their behalf. Corporate responsibility has gone beyond something people might make an effort to do and has become something that is due diligence for organizations looking to become members of their community and encourage employees to do the same. The second component of corporate responsibility, which can be even more critical to its business, is the impact it has on consumers. At the end-shopper level, consumers want to invest their hard earned dollars in organizations they know are doing positive things in the world. Corporate responsibility drives sales in the world of connected and conscientious consumers, therefore while it does good for the world and can build business partnerships, it can also be viewed as a business investment. In our most recent white paper, Consumer Behavior Influenced by Retailers with Corporate Responsibility Programs, we explore how consumer behavior is influencing retailer corporate responsibility plans. New Call-to-action

Topics: Fundraising & Nonprofits, Employee Incentives & Engagement

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