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Engagement in Health and Wellness Programs

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Employers are at all points on the learning curve when it comes to health and wellness programs. However, as employee engagement increases, so does employer health and wellness spending. The average per employee cost for health and wellness programs is up almost $100 over 2014 and the use of screenings and carrot rewards to boost engagement are also increasing. The decreased use of "stick" disincentives along with the increased use of biometric benchmarking is making health and wellness programs more inviting to employees. According to a recent study of employers offering health and wellness programming in 2015:

  • 72% of respondents plan to offer screenings
  • 70% plan to offer assessments
  • And perhaps most importantly, 54% plan to offer physical activity programs

Engagement is key in health and wellness programs. A program's success is singularly contingent upon employee participation. Getting employees excited and motivated about health and wellness increases productivity, employee loyalty and the overall success of the program. Increased engagement in health and wellness also provides a mutually beneficial decrease in cost to both employer and employee. Are your employees engaged in your health and wellness program?

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