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Millennials Prefer E-Gift Cards

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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When it comes to millennials and technology e-gift cards are growing in popularity. A recent article from Loyalty360 discussed how millennials prefer e-gift cards to their plastic counterparts. 14 percent of millennials have given or received an e-gift card in the past year compared to only 7 percent of 30-49-year-olds and about 8 percent of 50-64-year-olds who have given or received an e-gift card. So why do millennials prefer e-gift cards? While not specifically asked if they preferred e-gift cards over plastic, millennials did offer a hint; millennials are twice as likely to have lost a gift card before they could spend the entire balance. About 40 percent of millennials have admitted to losing a gift card. E-gift cards are appealing to those who worry about losing cash. They are harder to lose since they exist in your email as opposed to a physical piece of plastic that may never make it into your wallet and are easier to track. E-gift cards also save time on the part of the 'gifter' as they can be purchased with just a few clicks from your computer, tablet, and mobile device from anywhere at any time. Many retailers can scan and redeem e-gift cards directly from your mobile device, some retailers even offer rewards programs for doing so. Electronic gift cards are growing more common for retailers. 59 percent of gift cards are available electronically, up from 41 percent back in 2010. It's also good to know that most retailers will also accept electronic gift cards (as well as plastic) online, great for the online shopper to complete their whole transaction seamlessly online without having to open their wallets. While for some, e-gift cards may seem like an impersonal gift, many retailers are combating that by offering personalization to electronic gift cards. Multiple designs,  personal photos, and videos can all be uploaded directly to the e-gift card to really improve the buying and giving experience. Here's what the Washington Post had to say on, "Why millennials prefer electronic gift cards."

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