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Does Your Workplace Wellness Program Diagnose Chronic Conditions?

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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According to a new survey from HealthMine, 46% of employees who were diagnosed with a chronic condition like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes over the last two years discovered their condition through a workplace wellness program. That’s almost half! This makes wellness programs a no brainer. For employees, diagnosing chronic conditions allows them and their healthcare providers to handle the condition, manage it, mitigate it and prevent it from getting worse. For employers, it allows employees the chance to manage their condition which in turn lowers the total healthcare benefit costs. The other major advantage for employers- if employees are diagnosed with a condition in the context of a workplace wellness program, they are more willing to take biometric screenings for other preventable or manageable conditions. Learn what to screen for our the white paper, Building a Healthier Workforce through Early Detection here. Here are a few more key stats from the survey:

  • 74% would submit to vision screenings
  • 73% would screen for high blood pressure
  • 69% would screen for high cholesterol
  • >50% would screen for hearing, BMI, and glucose screenings as well as standard cancer screenings

With figures like these well over 50% employers should be rushing to implement wellness programs throughout their workforce. When willingness to participate is high, ROI is high for employers. What are you doing to implement, maintain and bolster interest in your wellness program?

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Topics: Workplace Health & Wellness

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