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The Best Employee Engagement Approaches

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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The approach taken for employee engagement is constantly shifting, so what are the best tools to maximize employee engagement?
Twenty years ago we might have been talking about giving away trophies, watches and other objects.
Ten years ago we might have been talking about extra bonuses.

Well today, managers have digital tools at their disposal and they are changing the way employee engagement is approached. The key difference? It's the software tools that keep measurement and flexibility at the forefront of employee engagement programs.

According to recent Bersin & Associates research, 87% of employers rely on ineffective employee engagement systems. Don’t fall into that rut with these software-based fixes; get the most out of your efforts with these employee engagement approaches:

Incentives Can Be Tailored To What Employees Want

Gift cards allow employers to deliver meaningful employee rewards that will actually be used by employees. Employees can request certain brands and employers can use e-gift cards to deliver the reward directly to the emails and mobile phones of employees. The seamless delivery mitigates the risk of employees losing the reward or even forgetting it at home when they go to the store. Streamlining the reward process benefits both employee and employer. When an employee has access to well-equipped employee rewards, engagement goes up and voluntary turnover goes down
by around 31%.

Constant Feedback Means Constant Improvement

Employees want feedback. They want it often and they want it honestly. At minimum, employees should have feedback once a week, and often will still seek it out more frequently. Using a software system to give employee feedback, and offer employees a channel to give feedback to their managers and to the organization streamlines a constant process, which allows for constant improvement in the company dynamic and makes the workplace a more cooperative, collaborative environment. Looking for more information or ways to implement software based solutions in your employee engagement program?

Check out the article, How Software Will Transform Employee Engagement, from in Forbes.

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