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Incorporate Employee Wellness and Engagement in 2 Ways

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Employee wellness and engagement are hot topics in HR departments across the country. How to keep healthcare costs low and how to keep employees happy, engaged and long tenured are at the forefront of Human Resources challenges. Here are two ways to incorporate employee wellness and engagement into your program or workplace to strengthen participation across teams and hierarchies.

Keep Employee Wellness Promotion Prominent.

Human resources should be controlling messages regarding benefits to employees. How you position benefits programs will impact how your employees receive them. If you keep your employee wellness program communication and promotion prominent in employee-wide communications, employees will understand it and internalize it.
Communicating the program and its benefits clearly is the best way to organically bolster both participation and enthusiasm, not only for the program but for your organization as a great place to work. Participation in voluntary programs is a sign of an engaged workforce in-tune with its management team.

Make Wellness Programs Easy to Understand.

Information sharing that comes from the top fosters an opportunity for organic and authentic conversation across a company. Make your employee wellness program is easy to understand.
Communicate it clearly, put it in layman's terms, and make the information available as well as resources to support the information widely to every employee in your organization.
Keep it simple, both the goals of the program and the metrics for success. If employees understand they will engage in it and thus further engage themselves in your organization. Looking for more ways to engage your employees with employee wellness? Check out the Forbes.com article, How You Can Use Your Company Health Benefits To Strengthen Employee Engagement.

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