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Incentives and Rewards in 2016: The role they play in program success

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Throughout 2015, many companies were faced with similar issues around engagement, recognition, acquisition or retention, wellness, and more. As you take the time to evaluate efforts, here are a few trends that speak to the integral part incentives and rewards play in the success of your program in 2016. Find the right incentive

A Place for Incentives and Rewards in 2016

Sky's the Limit for Incentive Programs

According to Incentive's 2016 Reader Forecast survey, incentive programs of all kinds are up.

  • 13.6% said they will run more gift card incentive programs
  • 20% said they will run more employee sales recognition programs
  • 78.7% of incentive programs met goals/expectations in 2015
  • 12.8% of incentives programs exceeded goals/expectations in 2015

incentives and rewards in 2016Why Cash Isn't King

The 2015 Participant Study, held by the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) and Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), breaks down the motivational power of non-cash incentives.

  • 65% of people would select a non-cash award
  • For small incentives, 40% determined their total award experience was determined by the award presentation

Engaging Outside Program Support

New research from the IRF gauges how incentive and recognition programs are procured by end-using companies.
using incentives in wellness

Using Incentives in Wellness

Motivating Healthy Behavioral Change

There are essentially two kinds of ways to modify behavior: Extrinsic (external motivation like tangible wellness incentives AND Intrinsic (internal motivation like gamification itself) Learn how to implement both for a successful program.

Study Finds Incentives Help Lower Blood Pressure

Health kiosk company higi found that combining health tracking with incentives, rewards, and challenges can contribute to consumers' lowered blood pressure.
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The Employee Perspective on Rewards

GiftCard Partners commissioned Shapiro+Raj to examine the non-clinical side of the American healthcare system from the perspective of companies and their employers and employees. We presented the research in the webcast, Using Incentives to Drive Change in Corporate Wellness Programs. Key take-aways included:

  • What works to keep the population and the individual engaged in changing their behaviors and gaining compliance
  • The types of incentives that work to truly engage employees
  • Perceptions of changing behaviors; absenteeism, use of emergency facilities, morale, greater productivity etc.
    • Rewards/incentives
    • Gym memberships/onsite or offsite
    • Screening and other wellness services
  • The role and impact of incentive-centric programs and support, both currently and in the future.

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