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Hi-Tech Wellness Encouraging Employee Participation

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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As employee wellness programs increase in popularity, hi-tech wellness can help employers engage employees in their programs and keeps programs light and fun. The range of ways to incorporate technology into wellness programs is growing. Between apps, wearables, and dashboards, hi-tech wellness is becoming a tool to drive wellness program success for employers and employees alike. Here are three ways that hi-tech wellness can work for you.

  1. Allows employees to engage at their own pace: Tracking activity and calorie intake can be a great way to get employees started. More advanced metrics can follow later. For employees who are reluctant to get involved in a wellness program, a simple Fitbit to track their steps and try to reach a preset goal of 10,000 steps a day could be a gateway to independent goal setting and striving for more. According to digital agency Acquity Group, 22% of consumers own an activity monitor and that number will double within the next three years. Both the employee and the employer can track these metrics, allowing the employer to see the direct impact of their program as it is happening.
  1. Keep it social: Social media consumes our lives. Everyone is posting their whereabouts on Facebook or a picture on Instagram. So why should wellness programs be any different? With internal private dashboards for your organization only, or large public apps like MapMyFitness, employers and employees have options for socializing their wellness efforts, and employers their wellness programs.
  1. Wearable options lead to adoption: With so many options in the growing wearable market, employees can now find the right activity monitor to meet their needs. Options range from a simple pedometer, 6 types of Fitbits (along with 2 basic pedometers), countless brands joining in the quest for the perfect wearable, all the way to the Apple Watch. Employees are able to research and find the right activity tracker to fit their tech preferences and fitness style. This leads to an easier adoption of trackable technology, and ultimately can mean a higher participation rate in employer wellness programs.

Topics: Workplace Health & Wellness, Employee Engagement, Employee Incentives & Rewards

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