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How You Can Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day This Year

Posted, by Hannah Noel on 03/27/2019
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Every April we celebrate Administrative Professionals Day, a day to honor the work of the support staff on our team. The holiday has its origins in World War II when administrative professionals were scarce, and a celebration was required not only to honor those occupying positions, but to attract young talent to the profession.

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The Administrative Professional’s duties have extended far beyond that of the secretary of 1942 (the first year the holiday was observed) and extended often into multiple areas of an organization. This important group of people are often the heart of the organization and their attitude can impact the whole office.

Most managers will agree that all employees deserve to be recognized for their hard work they do and their contributions to the company, which is why it's startling that more than half of employees surveyed in a recent study revealed they didn't feel appreciated at work. Administrative Professionals Day is an opportunity to show appreciation to the staff members who hold executive teams together.

How Can You Celebrate Admin Day?

Typically, managers thank their administrative professionals team by taking them out to lunch, but why not get more creative this year? There are number of new ways to show your appreciation, such as planning an employee dinner through ezCater, or doing a desk swap.

Why stop there? Gift cards provide all the excitement of a night out or a new service, and also allows employees to choose when and how to redeem it. There is research that support gift cards as an effective recognition tool and that employees also prefer them over other kinds of rewards. Whether it’s for a family dinner out, helping out with grocery bills, or supporting an upcoming family vacation, gift cards are proven to have a lasting impact on employees when presented as incentives or rewards.

If you want to ensure that your administrative professionals feel appreciated and honored this Administrative Professionals Day and beyond, try gift cards and see the smiles that follow right after.

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