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3 Reasons eGift Cards Rock During the Holiday Season

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Online shopping and mobile ordering are an increasing part of the holiday shopping experience.

While gift cards are a popular employee gift for the holidays, using eGift Cards could be an even more popular and efficient way to deliver this year’s holiday gifts.

Here are three reasons why you might want to consider an eGift Card for your teams this year.

1. Online Ease

Holiday shopping is no longer limited to going to a store, waiting in long lines, and purchasing at the register. It's easier than ever to shop online. Think of all the ways we shop in 2019: with laptops, phones, tablets, smart TVs, and so on. That's a trend that Internet Retailer is estimating to have a big payoff, with their online holiday sale projections reaching between $144-149 billion this year (roughly 20 billion more than last year).

The truth is, the easier it is to use a gift card, the more likely it will be used instead of  sitting at the bottom of someone's desk drawer or purse. More than that, when a gift card makes it easier to shop during the holiday rush, the more meaningful it is. It's the flexibility of the gift that will ensure its payoff, and that's the trophy value of eGift cards.

2. Instant Gratification

eGift cards are live as soon as they hit an email inbox. There’s no need to wait for the cards to be activated or shipped and delivered. This allows employers more flexibility on when to provide the recognition or holiday gifts. For example, most employers like to give gifts for the holidays shortly after Thanksgiving so the gift can be enjoyed with family during the holiday season. The immediacy allows employers can make more timely decisions on who and how much they will gift.

For employees, the instant gratification also allows them to use the gift card on any internet enabled device. With mobile sales predicted to account for more digital order share than desktop, and 70% of digital shopping site visits coming from mobile, the ability to shop on the go will be continually more valuable to employees during a busy time of year both at work and at home.

3. Easy Delivery

Along with instant gratification, simplifying delivery is a major advantage of using eGift cards this holiday season. Electronic cards take all of the logistics out of employee holiday gift delivery. There’s no pick-up time, no distribution plan in a big office and most importantly it is much more difficult for employees to lose or misplace the cards. The streamlined delivery allows productivity for HR teams and managers to stay consistent throughout the end of the year as organizations go through the end-of-year push.

As digital gifting continues to rise, make sure your corporate gifting stays up-to-speed. Consider an eGift Card this holiday season, and collect employee feedback, so you can ensure you make the most effective gifting choices moving forward.


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