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3 Use Cases: How Gift Card Incentives Impact Health and Wellness Programs

Posted, by Hannah Noel
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The cash vs. gift card debate in the reward and incentive world has a common misconception that cash is more appealing, therefore more motivating, to someone receiving it. However, studies show that gift cards are not only more intrinsically appealing, but also more effective at creating positive associations and changing behavior.

Today, a number of companies use gift card rewards in their sales and employee recognition programs, but did you know gift card incentives can support patient wellbeing, improve health outcomes, and help you achieve your program goals?

Here are 3 use cases from our clients whose organizations have used gift card incentives to make a positive impact in the lives of their employees and those in need.

1. Increase Participation with Wellness Program Incentives

A city government in Missouri partnered with a local hospital to create a health and fitness program that's free for all their employees. The program encourages employees to exercise, eat healthy, and stay fit by offering all kinds of classes and programs, such as a 10-week Weight Loss Challenge, Smoking Cessation classes, and Wellness screenings designed to identify certain potential risk factors. To encourage employees to participate, engage, and change unhealthy habits, they offer CVS Pharmacy® and Home Depot gift cards to employees when they complete health and wellness screenings. By engaging more employees to participate, the City is increasing the likelihood of catching health risks earlier on and improving employee health.

2. Help Those in Need with Patient Incentives

An integrated health care system of hospitals, neighborhood health centers, long-term care, nursing homes and home care in New York City saw a need to provide aid to their community as quickly as possible when the COVID-19 pandemic began. The network used grant money to buy CVS Pharmacy gift cards to help their community, specifically hospital patients that needed help obtaining cleaning supplies, medication, and personal care items to help prevent and treat COVID-19 infections. The help in covering these costs will make it more likely that patients will get access to the supplies and materials they need to stay healthy and combat the virus.

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3. Encourage Doctor’s Visits with Gift Card Incentives

A leading managed care company that provides health insurance and a wide range of quality health care services to families and individuals who receive government assistance and qualify for government-sponsored programs needed to increase engagement and reduce health risks among Medicaid patients. In an effort to encourage Medicaid patients to book more visits with their doctors, they use Walmart gift cards to reward patients after attending a check-up. By offering a reward for attending an appointment, it is more likely that patients will follow-through because they want to receive the gift card to help cover the cost of  everyday expenses.

These are just 3 use-cases from our customer success stories for utilizing gift card incentives in healthcare. Gift cards are ideal tools because they can be easily shipped, emailed, or texted directly to recipients, and they can help cover the costs of medicine, prescriptions, and other health items as well as essential household items and basic necessities. With gift card incentives, you can make a positive impact in people's lives.

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