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Inspire Teamwork & Engagement With These Video Clips

In today’s hybrid / remote work environment, many employees often feel isolated and lonely. On days with less meetings, employees can go whole days without talking to a coworker live and that can take a toll. Lonely employees are more than twice as likely to look for a new job than employees who are not feeling lonely. 

As we use asynchronous communication more and more, like Slack and Microsoft Teams, sending memes and other lighthearted communications has become more normalized. But what if you’re looking to bring a remote team together?

Take a break from finding the right thing to say or cruising the emoji keyboard for the millionth time, and let these video clips (yes, full clips, not just gifs) inspire you and your team.

Inspire Teamwork With Words Of Affirmation

Words of affirmation can be the most genuine incentive in the workplace. Play this short video clip in your next staff meeting or send it to a few coworkers. Kid President might be in college now, but the message still stands, and it’ll still get some laughs.

Video Link: Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often

In this video: Kid President highlights 20 things we should say more often. Some examples: “please,” “thank you,” “you can do it,” “I have barbecue sauce on my shirt too,” “my team is sometimes not the best team,” and “life is tough, but so are you.”

Pay It Forward In The Workplace  

A single genuine deed can infest your team with positivity. This clip will spark inspiration and hopefully, a desire to pay it forward within your team or organization. While sports metaphors are often played out in corporate settings, drawing inspiration from big sports moments remains universally relatable. It will open up thoughts like: What does my team expect from one another? What can I do to carry the team when morale is low? How can I pay it forward to my coworkers? Or How can they pay it forward to one another?

Video Link: The Most Beautiful Moment of Rio 2016 | Fair Play

Harness Anger & Frustration to Change the Tide

Sometimes employee motivation can come from a raw place. This montage from the movie Remember the Titans will remind teammates that they have one shared goal and need to unite around it. It will motivate you to remind your team of their power, and their influence on each other and show them that uncompromised dedication can change the tide of any situation.

Video Link: Remember the Titans - Teamwork

At the beginning of this clip, Coach Herman Boone, played by Denzel Washington, compares his team to a 2-year-old child when they ‘throw a fit’ on the field. Remind your team that they make a bigger impact on the organization when they work together, rather than siloing their efforts.

Teamwork Requires Trust

A Simon Sinek talk may not seem like a break in a workday, but in this clip, he discusses how leaders aren’t considered great when their teams get things done. They are great when they build great people who can carry an organization forward.

This clip helps team members at all levels, but most impactfully, people managers understand that they need to care for their teams and their colleagues as people before they can push them to the next level in their careers. It can also help bring teams of peers together to build trust between them and remember that we are people and not just a series of deadlines that need to be met and projects that need to be completed.

Video Link: Trusting Teams | THE 5 PRACTICES

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