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Reflecting on Our Impact in 2023: Stories of Success and Growth

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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In 2023, GiftCard Partners had the privilege of collaborating with several organizations, helping them overcome unique challenges and achieve substantial benefits through our innovative gift card solutions. These success stories illustrate how our services have made a positive impact on various industries and demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of our platforms. Let's delve into these stories of success and growth: 

CallSource: Boosting Morale and Sales with Digital Gift Cards 

Challenge: CallSource, a managed services company specializing in call center improvement and customer relationship management, faced the challenge of motivating their sales development representatives (SDRs) who primarily relied on cold calls to generate business. 


  • CallSource turned to GiftCard Partners' Engage2Reward™ gift card ordering platform. 
  • The platform enabled the issuance of digital gift cards to SDRs quickly when appointments were set or sales were closed. 
  • Access to a diverse catalog of 300+ brands allowed for personalized rewards and enhanced motivation. 


  • Increased employee recognition and morale. 
  • Enhanced tracking visibility for sales performance. 
  • Expanded possibilities for client incentives through digital gift cards. 

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Non-Profit Managed Care Organization: Streamlining Health Incentives 

Challenge: A longstanding non-profit managed care organization in New York City aimed to motivate members to take control of their preventive healthcare by offering CVS Select® gift cards as rewards for meeting various healthcare metrics. However, their manual gift card distribution process was inefficient. 


  • GiftCard Partners introduced the Engage2Reward™ gift card ordering portal, streamlining the distribution process. 
  • Processing time was reduced from six weeks to two or three weeks. 
  • The automated system provided valuable customer service tools, including tracking capabilities and card balance information. 


  • Decreased member complaints and increased satisfaction. 
  • Streamlined health incentives program for efficient member engagement. 

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Wunderman Thompson: Effective Healthcare Member Engagement 

Challenge: Wunderman Thompson, a global marketing and communications firm focusing on healthcare marketing, faced the challenge of engaging their healthcare clients' member bases effectively and efficiently, while adhering to CMS compliance standards. 


  • Wunderman Thompson turned to GiftCard Partners and implemented the Engage2Reward™ Gift Card Ordering Portal. 
  • The platform provided access to a curated brand catalog of 300+ brands suitable for CMS compliance. 
  • By implementing a gift card incentive program, they successfully increased member engagement. 


  • Member engagement response rates increased from 56% to 87%. 
  • The program met CMS compliance requirements while providing a versatile incentive solution. 

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Eastport Holdings: Streamlining Reward Distribution 

Challenge: Eastport Holdings, a full-service marketing organization managing a wellness program across the United States, faced challenges in distributing rewards efficiently and effectively. 


  • GiftCard Partners introduced the Engage2Reward™ (E2R) ordering portal as a solution. 
  • E2R offered over 300 gift card brands, both physical and digital, and enabled bulk orders with direct delivery options via mail, text, or email. 
  • Eastport Holdings personalized the digital gifting experience to align with their branding guidelines. 


  • Streamlined reward distribution, improving productivity and visibility. 
  • Increased recipient satisfaction through the Engage2Reward™ Choice Card, allowing recipients to select their preferred gift cards. 

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Highland Park Senior Living: Incentivizing Staff Engagement 

Challenge: Highland Park Senior Living faced staffing challenges exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a 30% staffing shortage and daily callouts. 


  • Highland Park collaborated with GiftCard Partners to implement an employee incentive program. 
  • The program offered $10 gift cards for half shifts and $25 gift cards for full shifts, with digital gift card options from Sheetz, Walmart, and Dunkin'. 
  • The initiative aimed to improve shift coverage and enhance patient care. 


  • Early signs of increased employee engagement and teamwork. 
  • A positive response from employees, with some covering extra shifts. 
  • Addressing staffing challenges effectively through incentivized work opportunities.
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What will you do differently in 2024? These stories of success and growth highlight the diverse and transformative impact of GiftCard Partners' solutions across various industries. The ability to motivate, engage, and streamline processes through innovative gift card programs demonstrates the versatility and effectiveness of our platforms. As we continue to reflect on our impact in 2023, we look forward to more opportunities to assist organizations in achieving their goals and fostering growth. 

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