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Prepare Employees for Success in 2022: Top Rewards and Incentives

Posted, by Lara Gideon on 12/14/2021
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The start of a new year is a time when employees feel refreshed, ready to pick up new habits, 2022 resolutions, and take on more challenges. It is a pivotal moment when employers have the chance to motivate employees to perform their best work and put practices in place that set them up for a successful work year. 

There are a myriad of ways employers can ensure employees have a successful first quarter and year. Some of which include: employee recognition, clear work direction & goals, and engaging employees in health and wellness programs that support work-life balance. Throughout this blog, we will dive into each of these strategies that are an essential part of creating a strong foundation and successful team.

Give clear direction and set goals

Productivity and performance rise when employees are given KPIs with clear direction, monthly goals and a deadline schedule. 

With any team, whether that be in sales, marketing, or HR, setting monthly goals based on quarterly quotas is an important motivator to keep the team focused and on-track. 

For an HR department is it important to measure program participation, employee satisfaction and retention. For a marketing department, set a number of marketing qualified leads (MQL’s) the team must reach, and monthly or quarterly quotas for a sales team. 

Goals provide guidance to employees, giving them direction on how to spend their time and focus on projects that take priority. Goals also enable employees to take action quickly and waste less time on activities that do not impact your organization's bottom line. 

One of the most effective ways to get your team excited about hitting their goals and promote a positive company culture, is to consistently reward and incentivize your workforce. It can be as simple as giving out personalized gift cards to employees who were top performers or had the highest level of program engagement. When an employee is recognized for doing their best work, their morale, work ethic, and overall feelings of loyalty towards a company rises.


Reward and recognize hard work

A research report by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) stated, recognition and rewards are critical to enhancing employee engagement and performance. Employers with good recognition and career development programs scored significantly higher in terms of productivity, revenue, customer retention, and employee retention than those that didn't. 

eGift cards are one of the easiest ways to show employee recognition and appreciation. Since they are digital, they offer instant delivery which is perfect for dispersed or remote workforces. Our incentive suite, Engage2Reward™, allows employers to easily send out gift cards to employees via text or email for doing great work and hitting their goals. 

If you are not sure which gift card brand to recognize employees with, the Engage2Reward Choice Card is a great option. This card allows recipients to redeem their gift card from a brand of their choice with the option to split up their balance and redeem for more than one brand. Plus, employers can choose to add a personalized message, animated greeting card, or a photo, creating an engaging experience for employees.


Encourage and support work-life balance

Work-life balance is important for an employee's mental health and overall well-being. To create a culture of support in your organization, consider offering monthly gift card drawings that the team can look forward to. These gift cards can support work-life balance, like picking up a new hobby, a movie night out with loved ones, a spa day or taking a day trip somewhere. By bringing an atmosphere of appreciation into the workplace, your employees will feel more valued, connected and content in their roles. When put into place, simple employee appreciation practices like this make a huge difference in the long-run for an organization. 

Another way to support employees is by championing their personal and professional goals. The Harvard Business Review, found “A person’s inner work life on any given day fuels his or her work performance for the day and can even affect performance the next day.” Ensure your HR department has a rewards and incentives program in place that encourages employees to achieve the new years goals they've set for themselves personally or professionally. 

The importance of supporting employees in their personal goals is imperative for the success of an organization. When employees are recognized for their wins--big or small--it gives them motivation to continue doing excellent work.

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