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How To Effectively Give Thank You Gifts To Volunteers

Posted, by Rachel Merkin on 04/03/2017

Nonprofit organizations often operate on lean budgets and need to find ways to say thank you to their dedicated volunteers by giving them cost-effective gifts.

Volunteers play a key role for many nonprofits, so it’s important to keep them coming back and evangelizing your organization to others who may want to become a volunteer.

Here are three meaningful ways to provide thank you gifts to volunteers that won’t break the bank:

Send Thank You Notes

People who give of themselves, whether it’s time or resources, deserve a thoughtful handwritten thank you note that's sent in the mail or delivered in erson rather than as an impersonable email attachment.

Whether they stick it to their fridge or a cubicle wall at the office, the note not only reminds volunteers how much they're appreciated, but it also encourages everyone who sees it to get involved in their friend or family member's cause.

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Greenlight Family & Friends As Volunteers

When volunteers bring their friends and family to join them in their charitable activities, the work of the organization becomes an integral part of their lives.

By encouraging volunteers to include their loved ones in the organization’s undertakings, nonprofits are allowing them to form a stronger bond while also creating lasting memories for all involved.

Allowing new people to volunteer is a sound way to grow your nonprofit's base, and it also gives you an opportunity to focus on other tasks that can now be handled by the newest volunteers.

Give Volunteers Gift Cards

If there’s room in the budget, you can say thank you to volunteers by giving them small denomination gift cards. This is a great way to give a material gift, while allowing volunteers to choose what they get with it.

Gift cards are also a great way to call out dedicated volunteers who regularly donate their time or money to support organizations that align with their interests.

Depending on your plan, volunteers can earn gift cards regularly over time for achieving project milestones, or perhaps as spot gifts when they do something truly remarkable. 

No matter how you choose to reward volunteers, make sure your thank you gifts are in line with your budget and appeal to their interests.

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