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More Ways to Use Social Media for Employee Recognition

To build on our post last week regarding use of
Social Media for Employee Recognition (article can be found by clicking here) we would like to provide some additional strategies for employee recognition in the age of social media.

  • Send "thank you" e-cards acknowledging their peers' efforts or assistance
  • Nominate individual coworkers or teams for awards or recognizing special accomplishments
  • Redeem "on-the-spot" rewards, acknowledgements, and prizes
  • Be widely recognized by managers for good work and achievements
  • Brand and product information can be delivered in micro-bursts (tweets, texts, games) or more in-depth with online "learn & earns" and podcasts.
  • Turbo charge product line launches and roll-outs with an exciting mix of social and traditional communication methods (games, contests) and events.

These strategies allow immediacy in recognition, and provide fun interactive ways to engage employees and teams in acknowledging good work, and positive professional practice.

Topics: social media, incentive, General, Employee Incentives & Engagement, rewards

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