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People Over Profits, Could this translate in the U.S.?

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Canadian small businesses are choosing people over profits, as consumers face the rising prices of everything from food, to gas, and even insurance.  Business owners are saying that they would rather absorb those costs through their businesses, than pass the financial burden on to their employees.  According to the American Express Small Business Monitor small businesses react to uncertain economic times by favoring long term employee and customer loyalty over short term economic gain.  Businesses see their employees as the most important asset to the company, over monetary revenue. Do you think this attitude could or does translate to small business behavior in the United States? Do you feel that the economic climate in Canada is different enough from the United States that small businesses can afford to make a larger investment in their employees? The GCP team found this article particularly intriguing, and are interested in your opinions on this issue, feel free to leave us a comment or tweet us @giftcardpartner.  Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!   For more information check out this
Financial Post article

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