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Wellness Program Now Popular for Small Businesses

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Since health and wellness programs have shown impressive results in reducing employers' health benefit costs, small businesses have prioritized space in their budgets for health and wellness programs. A new Towers Watson/National Business Group survey has shown that "high performing firms" engaged in health and wellness programs have reduced their cost growth to 1% per year. The same survey also revealed that employees pay 20% less on average for health benefits at "high performing firms" than at "low performing firms" with no health and wellness programs. The return on investment of implementing these programs in companies of any size had proven consistent return on investment for both parties. As employers control health care costs; employees improve their health and engage in group programs and recieve rewards, such as small denomination gift cards, or preloaded debit cards. How does your small business use health and wellness programs?
For more information on small business use and benefits of health and wellness programs check out this Insurance News article.

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