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Develop Talent, and Retain It

Creating a culture of professional development is key to an organization. This is a great way to show employees that you invest in their best interests, the way they invest themselves in their work and the goals of the company. Here are some tips for how to maintain a culture of development in your organization. • 
Identify your stars: Focus on rewarding and recognizing top performers. Providing spot rewards for desired behavior, such as a gift card or an extra day off is a low-cost way to show employees you care. These rewards and recognition can lead to higher retention rates and workplace satisfaction. • 
Get upper management involved: Visibility of senior management during professional development, to provide guidance and mentoring is another sign of organizational support to employees. • 
Invest in development: Providing training sessions, professional development opportunities, and even tuition reimbursement helps employees grow, which will make it more likely that employees will stay and grow with your organization. • 
Broaden their skills: Make sure skill sets are round, and that employees understand organizational functions outside of their day to day responsibilities, this will help them think strategically about their current role, and ways to advance themselves in the organization.
For more information on creating a culture of development in your organization check out this article in Ragan's HR Communication.

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