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Truth, It Will Boost Employee Engagement

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Remember the phrase "the truth will set you free?" Well, we aren't here to solve all of your problems, but we are here to tell you that the truth may be able to help boost employee engagement. It is time for all of the corporate hierarchy to melt away and for organizations of all sizes to work on open communication and employee engagement. Transparency and truth-telling will open up the lines of communication and engage employees in making the organization the best it can be, which makes employees do the best work they can. Dropping away fear and hierarchical force allows employees to feel comfortable enough to tell the truth. Here are three ways to use truth and open communication to engage employees.

  1. Give people permission to speak openly. Even when the conversation is tough, it usually still needs to be had. Find constructive ways to get through the tough conversation, and always encourage employees to talk to their managers or Human Resources. Any issues that may arise will only get worse the longer they go unresolved.
  2. Convert criticism. Instead of directing criticism to one employee, create co-owned resolutions for the issues that are leading to the criticism. Work it out together, in a way that is agreed upon by all parties in order to avoid blame.
  3. Embrace cynicism. This seems counter-intuitive but when employees get cynical, make it a challenge for them to work to find a constructive solution. The problem solving exercise turns what can be negative energy into a positive.

or more information on engaging employees check our this article from Business2Community. 

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