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Health Care Facilities Focusing on Food with Brands Like SUBWAY

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Subway restaurants are located in health care settings nationwide.
Photo courtesy of QSR Magazine, "Just What the Doctor Ordered" article

We've already seen a move towards healthier food options in schools and in the corporate world, but now America's health care facilities are taking a renewed focus on the food they offer patients, visitors and their staff. Many hospitals are unable to afford the expense of keeping their cafeterias open in the late-night and early-morning hours, relying heavily on quick-serving brands. Taking that into account, many are opening up a new revenue stream by leasing restaurant space. But not just any quick-serve brands will fit this spot, hospitals are looking for the
right quick-serve brands; meaning one that is focused on, what else, health. One such quick-serve that has already been a staple in this space for some time is SUBWAY. They are leading a movement towards health that health care systems and hospitals alike are striving towards. SUBWAY's emphasis on fresh vegetables, sandwiches meeting the American Heart Association approval, and its recent elimination of undesirable ingredients make it an ideal candidate for the health and wellness movement inside these healing facilities. With a high demand for healthy options, the space for healthier options continues to grow, with hospitals offering a better selection in cafeteria lines and food courts, as well as in vending machines and convenience stores. To learn more about what these health care facilities are doing to improve food selection check out the article from QSR, "
Just What the Doctor Ordered,"

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