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Incentive Professionals Weigh in on the State of the Industry

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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13th Annual Incentive Industry Roundtable Photo from IncentiveMag.com article,
13th Annual Incentive Industry Roundtable

Once again
Incentive has gathered professionals from across the motivation and engagement realm to come together and discuss the state of the incentive industry.  Topics included a popular focus on retention and return on investment, the need for non-cash rewards, and a sense of what's going on in the merchandise, gift card, and travel awards categories. Here's a peek at some of the discussions that went on this year in the big apple.
Motivating across all generations.

"Then we look at engagement initiatives and the multi-generational workforce that we have, we see that companies are realizing the importance of keeping their high potential, high-performing associates engaged." - 
Tina Weede,
President, US Motivation

"We have to continue to figure out how to draw in and motivate and reward and engage all the people across the entire organization." -
Tim Houlihan
Vice President, Rewards Systems, BI WORLDWIDE

The type of rewards.

"The science makes a big difference. We've done research on cash versus non-cash that shows, empirically, that non-cash awards will change the level of production that you get out of someone, whether it's sales or something else." -
Lynn Randall
Managing Member, Randall Insights; Education and Content Consultation, Incentive Research Foundation

"Here's the difference that electronic gift cards have made to the incentive world: When it was merchandise-only, catalog recipients were told to wait four to six weeks to receive a reward. The [plastic] gift cards came into play, and it was five to seven business days. Now, we're delivering rewards in less than an hour." -
Dennis Borst
President & COO, Patriot Marketing Group/Foot Locker Gift Card Sales

To learn more from the roundtable, check out the full article from Incentive Magazine

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