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Employee Happiness Study Released

Posted, by Jennifer DiPietro
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Employee productivity and employee happiness go hand in hand, so what makes employees happy? Recently “The Happiness Study” from Texas-based Blackhawk Engagement Solutions set out to find out just what those answers are. More than 1,800 American employees, both salary and hourly, were surveyed to find out what impacts employees’ happiness at work, what types of rewards and recognition are most motivating, and what additional strategies would employees participate in to increase engagement. Some of the key findings from the study included the following:
The job itself- Employees ranked their jobs as no. 8 in terms of contributions to their overall happiness. 67% of respondents reported that their jobs are important to their overall happiness.
Clear expectations and resources- 90% of employees are given a clear understanding of what is expected of them at work. 80% said they have the materials, equipment and training they need to do their job.
Recognition- Employees want to be recognized when they do good work. Exceeding personal performance, receiving a promotion, and achieving a milestone for years of service are some of the occasions employees most want recognition for.
Incentives- Bonuses, employee recognition, spot rewards, and wellness incentives were among those that would make employees happier. 38% report that their employers currently offer no rewards or recognition.
Gift cards- Prepaid cards are the top reward choice in many circumstances. 92% of employees would prefer a prepaid card versus a reward that can be redeemed online or a catalog selection. Employees prefer gift cards even when the value is less than other rewards. 45% would prefer a $500 gift card over 37% who would select a four-day all inclusive vacation, and only 12% would pick $1,000 in merchandise credit from a catalog.
Engagement increases- 80% of employees would be willing to participate in quarterly safety programs when a $25 reward is involved and 72% would attend after-hours training for the $25 reward. What do you do to keep your employees happy? The complete study can be downloaded here.

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