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Time for Employee Recognition

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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According to Incentive Magazine, the number one reason employers and managers give for not practicing employee recognition is time. They don't have time, they can't find the right time, it's not effective if you do it too much or too little. There are a million reasons. But the reality is, employee recognition shouldn't take a lot of time, and with some planning and scheduling employee recognition can extend the time employees remain loyal to their organization.
1). Timely Employee Recognition- If an employee does something worth recognizing, make sure you execute on employee recognition in a timely manner. If you wait too long the recognition becomes stale and ineffective. Ensure ROI and trophy value for rewards by recognizing employees as soon as possible.
2). Doesn't Need to Take A Lot of Time- There's a misconception in the market that employee recognition is time consuming. However, if you have a regular recognition program, and rewards on site, recognition only needs to take a few minutes. Whether it's public or private employee recognition, it doesn't need to be a time suck.
3). Deliberate Frequency- Make employee recognition programmatic. That way employee expectations around recognition and rewards are set and can be met and/or exceeded. From a time perspective, deliberate recognition builds recognition into your calendar, rather than being disruptive. Making time for employee recognition will ensure ROI into any program that is approved and endorsed by management.  

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Topics: Employee Recognition, Employee Engagement, Employee Incentives & Rewards

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