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4 Ways to Improve Employee Recognition

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Employee recognition goes back to service plaques and dinners. Today employee recognition is a more complicated process that is designed to fit the employee, rather than the employer. Here are four ways to improve employee recognition for your program.

  1. Tailor Your Recognition to Your Employees - Give the people what they want. Your employee recognition program should meet each individual employee’s wants and needs. This goes from providing the right reward to understanding what kind of recognition is most appropriate for them. If you have a shy employee, recognize them in a setting that won’t make them uncomfortable. If you have an employee who is a big ham- recognize them at the all-company meeting.
  2. Be True to Your Company Culture - Make sure your employee recognition fits your company culture. Recognition should foster a culture of appreciation, and should help bond employees. However you recognize employees make sure it fits your organization’s unique culture.
  3. Recognize Employee Passions - When recognizing employees make sure the reward fits their personality and passions. Some companies even recognize and reward employees with a period of time (a couple hours a week or so) to work on a passion project or allow them to focus on working toward a personal goal of theirs. Supporting employee ambitions will help them support the organization more effectively.
  4. Don’t Take Your Recognition Program Too Seriously - Employee recognition should be fun. Don’t take yourself too seriously, just make sure you stay within your budget. Great rewards don’t have to be expensive.

For more ideas on how to improve employee recognition to maximize ROI check out this blog post from SnackNation.

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