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2015 Holiday Gift Card Strategy

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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The holiday shopping season is already here and we thought it would be helpful to show how to incorporate gift cards, the most popular gift for both consumers and B2B organizations, into your holiday strategy. Here are 3 ways to incorporate gift cards into your holiday program.

Banner Ads Promoting Gift Cards: Shipping cut-offs before Christmas are inevitable. They can make retailers reluctant and can cause disappoint for consumers, so how can you overcome them? Gift cards provide a great way to take the stress out of shipping cut-offs. They can be delivered via email, picked up in-store, or sent directly to the friends and family you are gifting to. Advertising with banner ads on your site, after shipping cut-offs have passed, are an efficient and inexpensive way to promote these alternative options for last minute shoppers.

E-Gifting Options to Target Millennials: E-gift cards are becoming a critical piece of any gift card program. Millennials, the fastest growing segment of the consumer market, are doing more shopping online than ever before. They also also harbor the most loyalty with stores who make their shopping experience easy and efficient. Making seamless and personalized e-cards available for millennial gifting can significantly contribute to both holiday sales numbers and customer loyalty.

B2B Gift Card Options: While gift cards can be a great way to boost sales and create customer loyalty, they also work effectively to motivate employees, clients, and partners. Using gift cards as rewards, especially during the holiday season can be a great motivator but can also be a channel to expand your business’ portfolio. According to First Data’s 2014 US Prepaid Consumer Insights study, 32% of consumers made unplanned purchases at a store that offered some kind of financial incentive. Gift cards have also been proven to drive consumers back in-store following the holiday season. So how will you use gift cards in your holiday gift card strategy?

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