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4 Reasons to Add Technology to Your Rewards Program

Technology is part of all of our lives and, if you haven't already, it may be the right time to add technology to your rewards program. Technology can help integrate rewards into existing HR systems, integrate your rewards program into your employees’ consumer behaviors, and eliminate some of the cost of the program. Here are HR.BLR.com’s“ 4 C’s” for integrating technology into employee rewards.
Consumerism: Employees are consumers first. Their personal lives are always going to trump their jobs. So use technology to merge employee rewards with employees’ consumerism. Integrating rewards into apps, mobile devices or other technological components of employees’ consumer activities ensures that employees will engage with the program more seamlessly.
Cost: Delivering rewards like
gift cards and discounts digitally mitigates costs within your program. There is no direct mail fees or shipping costs when rewards are delivered via email, apps or online portals. Lowering cost makes an employee rewards program easier to sell to the executive suite and finance department. Learn more about adding gift cards to your rewards program
Compliance: Employee rewards are critical to your employee's morale and engagement. However, if not monitored properly rewards can create tax issues. Delivering them digitally takes the guess work out of reporting and tracking. Online systems build tracking and procedure right into your program, eliminating the risk.
Culture: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employee rewards account for an average of 8.5% of total employee compensation. Build employee rewards into your culture so they aren’t totally expected, but employees know their “above and beyond” efforts will be recognized and not overlooked. This creates a culture of mutual appreciation and hard work, which includes employee motivation and engagement. For more information on the benefits of adding technology to your rewards program check out HR.BLR.com's article,  The 4 'C's' of employee benefits technology.

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