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The Link Between Employee Loyalty and Customer Engagement

Employee loyalty and customer engagement: two seemingly independent business issues that are actually inextricably linked. While it seems that employee loyalty is an internal HR issue that should only be tied to employee recognition and length of service rewards like additional PTO or a special recognition ceremony, that isn’t the case. Employee loyalty is an external real business issue because employee longevity, employee satisfaction, and employee loyalty are all inextricably linked to customer engagement and ultimately customer spending. Melanie Frok describes three critical components of employee engagement and loyalty that are most critical to your business:

  • Communication- Engaging employees by clearly communicating objectives, goals and metrics for customer success is critical. Communication sets employees up for success, and ultimately when employees are successful so is your business.
  • Connection- Forging a connection between employees and their work and employees and their customer relationships bring employees purpose. When employees feel intention that is when their work is the most impactful and brings the most success to the overall business and customers. That intention also ensures employee longevity and loyalty.
  • Contribution- Employee loyalty is great, and connection with the work is even better. However, if employers don’t emphasize to their staff that their material contribution to the company is the most important element of their work your failing your employees. Lighting a fire of ambition is one of the most critical keys to success.

GiftCard Partners white paper, Integrating Loyalty Tactics to Build Customer Engagement, covers similar topics to help ensure your employee loyalty programs can translate into consumer loyalty. Ensuring ROI for both internal and external investments by relating employee longevity and customer longevity. Long, happy relationships with your employees will lead to long, happy relationships with your customers.
employee loyalty and customer engagement

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