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CVS Pharmacy® April Wellness Newsletter

Posted, by Jennifer DiPietro
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Top stories from the CVS Pharmacy® April Wellness Newsletter!

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Wellness has become a fundamental part of a company's benefits program. 70% of employers now offer employees a general wellness program. This edition of the CVS Pharmacy® April Wellness Newsletter focuses on using rewards and incentives to encourage healthy behavior changes, resources on how to maintain engagement and secure long-term program success, CVS news and more.  Read below for more on what this edition has to offer.

CVS in the News

April wellness newsletter

New Program for Alzheimer's Diagnosis The CVS Health Foundation recently announced a $550,000 commitment to the Alzheimer's Association to support expanded education and diagnosis for individuals and caretakers.

April Wellness Newsletter

CVS to Offer Curbside Pickup CVS introduces, CVS Express, their new curbside pickup option. Shoppers will have access to about three-quarters of CVS's inventory. CVS Express will be accessible from the CVS mobile app and the Curbside mobile app.

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Health & Wellness News

employee wellness programs

Start a Wellness Program Want to start a wellness program at your organization but you aren't quite sure where to start or if your employees will be on board? In this edition, you will find helpful ways to jumpstart your wellness program.

April wellness newsletter

Learning from the Past: The Evolution of Corporate Wellness How does history influence the corporate wellness programs we implement today? Learn more about the early trendsetters for wellness programs.

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CVS Health Brand

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With more than 7,800 locations, CVS Pharmacy is the most convenient place to get the prescription medications, healthcare, and beauty products you need. CVS Pharmacy has a range of gift cards available that are ideal for using as rewards and incentives in your wellness programs. Discounts are also available based on volume!
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