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Promote Employee Loyalty From Within

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Employers are constantly looking to find ways to promote employee loyalty in a professional climate of job hoppers and career changers. Employers try everything from nap pods to unlimited vacation to
beer in the kitchen. But what do employees really need in order to feel dedicated to an employer? The answer, real purpose. To feel important and connected to organizational goals and to be provided with opportunities to learn and grow outweigh any perk an employer could provide. In short, invest in employees and they will invest in you.

Employees and career choices

According to a recent
Cornerstone OnDemand survey conducted by Kelton Global:

  • 89% of employees would consider a lateral move to find fulfillment in their careers
  • 77% would relocate to work for a company that fulfilled their career goals
  • 55% would change careers (including 75% of millennials) in order to be more satisfied at work

These statistics show that perks are great, but a really fulfilling workplace that grows talent and recognizes exceptional work outweighs any cool atmosphere enhancement. Your office might feel like a clubhouse, but if you aren’t willing to grow your talent from within, it might end up walking out the door. These statistics and others like them are so important for employers to be aware of and to take into account when making Human Resource management decisions. With employee loyalty a top-of-mind priority for most HR departments, creating a culture of talent value, promoting from within and professional development at any level are extremely important.

Keys to help promote employee loyalty

  • Peer mentorship with high-level employees to low-level employees
  • Maintaining a budget for employee learning programs
  • Ensuring that when employees do learn externally there is accountability to share that knowledge with their peers

Implementing programs like these are a few simple ways to build the infrastructure required for professional development and long-term employee loyalty.

Topics: Millennials, Rewards & Loyalty, Professional Development, Employee Incentives & Rewards

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