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3 Tips for Effective Employee Recognition

Whether we know it or not we are living in a professional environment where there is an effective employee recognition gap. That means employees don’t feel recognized and it's an employers responsibility to work on closing that gap. According to a survey commissioned by
recognition company OGO, 82% of employed Americans feel that their superiors are not recognizing them for their contributions. That lack of recognition can take a toll, not only on morale and productivity, but ultimately the overall productivity of the employee, their team, and the organization.

Here are three easy ways to combat this effective employee recognition deficit

  1. Share Information: Being up front with employees and sharing relevant information, whether it’s about a deal in progress, a change in the organization, or a tip on how to be more efficient, is a great way to show respect to employees. When staff feel like they are being included in feedback or communication loops they feel important and included. Employees also feel effective employee recognition on a higher level for a specific project or action, they also feel the respect and inclusion of their superiors which could go a long way.
  2. Ask Questions: Management should ask questions not just of their immediate team but of any employee they interact with, especially those who interact directly with customers. Gathering information from all levels of the organization will help get a pulse of the internal team, but will also get a pulse of customer interactions. Knowing how management is doing not only internally, but externally, can provide valuable insight into potential improvements in process and handling of customer relationships.
  3. Celebrate Small Wins Too: Getting to the finish line of a project or a revenue goal is great. It makes everyone feel accomplished, but it’s just that, the finish line. It’s important to recognize the small wins or “first downs” not just the “touchdowns.” Celebrating small wins helps to motivate employees from one phase to another and allows management to practice effective employee recognition on a consistent basis.

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