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Building a Culture of Appreciation with CVS® Gift Cards

Building a culture of appreciation in a company is important. It improves employee loyalty and motivation in addition to helping maintain their personal happiness and well-being. Despite the benefits of recognition plans, a recent Gallup and Workhuman study found that only 34% of employees reported having a recognition plan in their workplace.

Hold your organization to a higher standard by investing in an effective and authentic culture of employee appreciation. Gift cards have advantages when used to acknowledge and incentivize employees. They can also promote a healthy workplace culture and a positive and engaged atmosphere. Explore how CVS® gift cards can help you foster a culture of recognition to keep your employees happy and healthy.

Employee Recognition:

There could be various reasons for acknowledging an employee's efforts. It could be for exceptional performance, for going above and beyond, or for being a great teammate. Whatever the reason, it is important that the reward is meaningful to the recipient.

Using gift cards for employee recognition can be a powerful tool in an employee rewards program. Gift cards, especially versatile ones like CVS gift cards, are a fantastic way to build value with employees. They are practical and can be adjusted to suit any budget while remaining memorable to the employee. These are important parts of creating valuable employee recognition rewards that help promote a culture of employee recognition in your organization. 

Employee Appreciation:

Employee appreciation is different from employee recognition, but just as important. Rather than singling out an employee, appreciation programs provide rewards for all. However, this can create a challenge in identifying a reward that is universally valuable to every employee.

A gift card is easy to send online to a workforce and can be adjusted to fit any budget while allowing each employee to customize their experience to their own needs and interests. CVS gift cards in particular offer a wide range of redemption options - from beauty items to groceries and everything in between - guaranteeing that every employee will find something meaningful or useful to them.

This unique experience is memorable to employees, ensuring the gesture of appreciation remains long after the balance of the gift card is gone. The more memorable the reward, the more effective the appreciation reward program is in building a culture of appreciation.

Fostering a Culture of Health and Wellness:

Using CVS gift cards for rewards can help create a healthy and wellness-focused culture in your organization. With options like the CVS Select® Card, which limits balance usage to health-related items, rewards can go beyond a material gift by giving employers the opportunity to support employee wellness.

Investing in employee wellness allows employers to take care of employees as a whole person, not just the part they bring to work. This is a great way to create a positive work environment and foster stronger relationships among colleagues. It also helps people understand each other's work preferences and boosts motivation and productivity. Building a culture of wellness can be a foundation for healthy people and healthy teams. 

Gift cards are a powerful tool in building a culture of appreciation when used correctly and chosen carefully. CVS gift cards are versatile, universally useful, and allow rewards not only to treat employees but to support their health as well. Incorporating CVS gift cards into your organization's culture of appreciation can have a profound impact on employee well-being, teamwork, and motivation. By providing employees with the means to prioritize their health and enjoy the benefits of a trusted brand, you are fostering a culture of wellness and appreciation that benefits both employees and the workplace as a whole.

CVS gift card for employees

Learn more about how CVS gift cards can help your organization build a culture of appreciation in 2024. 

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