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How to Keep Your Top Employees Healthy and Engaged

Human resource (HR) departments need to do whatever they can to retain top talent, and the place to start is making sure your employees are healthy and engaged.

Transparency tools and wearable tech are some of the wellness initiatives HR departments have relied on to get their workers healthier and motivated.

Here are three other ideas that you can put into practice to help keep your best employees healthy and engaged:

Prioritize Workplace Health and Wellness

The US Chamber of Commerce reports that more than one-third of people are obese and 86 million have pre-diabetes symptoms. To compound this health crisis, office workers are sitting for eight to nine hours a day.


Why can employers feel great about investing in employee health at work? According to the US Chamber of Commerce, a well-designed program can provide a return on investment of $3 for every $1.50 spent on healthy employees after two to nine years. If you’re invested long-term in wellness, your top performers will stick around.

Providing wellness programs shows how employers care about their workers as people, not just as entities that drive their business forward.

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Seek Work-Life Balance

We live in interesting times. We sleep with our phones, which are more like computers, our email is in our pocket practically 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we wonder why we have issues disconnecting from work.

It’s time that employers demand work-life balance, mainly to keep their top-performing workers healthy and engaged.

The more flexible employers are about when and where employees work, the more their workers become healthier and more loyal.

A study conducted by Moen and Kelly for Best Buy revealed that employees achieved performance goals regardless of where or how long they worked. The difference? Employees who weren’t required to work in an office setting on a regular schedule slept better, were less stressed and healthier based on biometric markers.

Workers will perform well for your company, remain dedicated and cost you less in health care benefits if you allow them to tend to their personal lives when needed. 


Recognize Hard Work & Engagement

One key way to improve employee retention and engagement is to provide recognition rewards, for instance, when major projects are completed on time and under budget. 

Companies that acknowledge achievements in the workplace provide employees with reassurance that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed. It also reaffirms their commitment to the business.

Employee recognition is easy and can fit any budget. The reward can be a gift card to their favorite restaurant, or an extra day off to promote work-life balance.

Additionally, on-site wellness programs can incorporate recognition by providing rewards that support a healthy lifestyle. This can be tailored to biometric goals, weight loss, or healthy eating. 

Retaining employees can be difficult, especially in today’s connected job market. Keeping employees healthy and engaged leads to long-term loyalty, motivation and productivity in and outside of the workplace.

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