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Why reward with gift cards:

  • No. 1 requested reward for incentive and loyalty programs

  • Easy to give 

  • Builds loyalty to employer and brand 

  • Engages and motivates as an incentive to change behavior

Gift cards are effective in engaging, motivating,
rewarding, or simply saying thank-you:

  • Customer loyalty and engagement programs

  • Sales promotion programs

  • Employee rewards and incentives

  • Safety incentives

  • Sales and performance recognition

  • Corporate health and wellness

  • Medicaid and Medicare health program incentives

  • Scrip/fundraising

  • Vendor and channel partner incentives

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B2B Gift Card Study | Webcast

Learn more about the results from this national study, including the incidence and frequency of gift card receipt and redemption, how gift cards motivate store visits and purchases and how they are acquired through B2B channels.

And the answer to the all-important question: do gift cards generate incremental business for merchants?

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