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5 Ways To Engage Your Employees In A Health & Wellness Program

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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As an employer, it can be challenging to keep employees motivated and engaged enough to stick to a health and wellness program. 

Here are five ways to engage and incentivize your employees:

1. Know Your Demographics

As discussed by experts in the "The Wellness Incentive Continuum & Program Adoption Life Cycle" webinar hosted by GiftCard Partners and CVS Pharmacy®, it's important to thoroughly research and understand your employee population’s demographics, so you can tailor your incentives to match their wants and needs.

What may resonate with Baby Boomers won't necessarily be relevant to millennials.

For example, polo shirts may be more appealing to Baby Boomers; whereas, name-brand gift cards might do the trick for millennials.

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2. Reduce Healthcare Costs

One surefire way to incentivize your employees in the company’s benefits program is by offering to cover a percentage of their healthcare premiums for participation in the plan.

At a time when many employees are tracking where every hard-earned dollar is going, they’ll take comfort in knowing that some of that money can be saved, instead of being put toward their medical premiums, especially given how healthcare costs are increasing in the US.

Want to watch "The Wellness Incentive Continuum & Program Adoption Life Cycle" webcast in its entirety? 

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3. Offer An Outcomes-Based Element To HSAs

Some companies have introduced an outcomes component that's connected to health savings accounts (HSAs).

For example, L.L. Bean launched its outcomes-based option two years ago, and the company contributes $500 to both the employee and their spouse's HSAs if they meet specific goals or take action. 

With more than two-thirds of Americans not having enough money stashed away to cover a $500 or $1,000 emergency, Bankrate reports, any support they can receive from a savings perspective will be beneficial.

4. Incentivize Through Gamification

From bingo to trivia, incentivized games can provide a way for employees to stay engaged, have some fun and receive rewards, such as shirts and pens.

World Fuel Services doles out co-branded items featuring the wellness program's title and the company's name, which have been popular with employees.

Gamification can make tracking healthy behaviors more enjoyable and less stressful depending on your goals, including eating a healthier diet or exercising. 

5. Distribute Gift Cards For Healthy Lifestyle Changes 

When employees take the initiative to quit smoking or lose weight and make significant strides in these areas, why not give them gift cards you know they'll love?

Not only does this gesture show that you care about their physical wellbeing, but it can also help them remain engaged in their personal and professional objectives. 

Looking for a way to engage and incentivize your employees in a health and wellness program? Consider buying CVS Pharmacy gift cards and enjoy a bulk discount.

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