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How Engaging Millennials In The Workplace Is The Key To Success

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Engaging millennials in the workplace has been a challenge for employers since they've joined the workforce.

With millennials comprising more than 37 percent of the US workforce, according to a Gallup report, it's imperative that employers know how to keep this group engaged in their work.

Consider using these three approaches to keep your millennials engaged in the workplace:

1) Communicate Effectively:

The key to engaging with this younger group is communication. Communicating the right way, through the proper channels and using appropriate content will lead to a more engaged millennial workforce.

Concise and direct communication is the best approach to take with millennials. They'll know when you’re trying to sell them on something, and they don’t want to be given the runaround.

Additionally, make daily interactions quick and honest. This is how millennials communicate with each other, and how they’ve grown up communicating.

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2) Promote A Listening Culture:

Millennials grew up in a world of internet news headlines, Facebook statuses, tweets and snapchats. Some social media channels have come and gone, but they continue to be the go-to source for news and entertainment for millennials.

The business world is adapting its tools and channels to reach a millennial audience in a meaningful way. It's important that your organizational communications are following this trend.

Does your company have an intranet? If so, make sure there is a social component to capture the interest of your millennial employees.

3) Find & Build The Right Content:

Inclusion and involvement are the keys to creating content that resonates with millennials and Generation Z. Don’t direct content at these younger groups, but instead make it as educational and informative as possible. 

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Growing up in the Internet age, communication and taking direction are different for millennials.

To find success engaging millennials in the workplace, make sure that you're speaking their language and interacting with them online, over the phone or in person on a regular basis.

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