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Father's Day Gift Guide for Employers: 7 Great Gift Card Ideas

Posted, by Lara Gideon on 06/15/2021
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Father’s Day honors dads around the world and the influence fathers have in our society; for many fathers, this is an important and proud day. As an employer, you can show that you acknowledge this achievement in their life by giving out small, celebratory gifts to the fathers in your organization. A token of acknowledgment on this day goes a long way, when employees feel recognized and cared for:  their loyalty to the company grows. 

In this scenario, gift cards are the perfect thing to hand out. You can send them digitally by email and text, or, if preferred, by mail. Gift cards give complete flexibility to the dads in your organization to choose something they really want or need. Below we have highlighted our 7 best-selling gift cards for Father’s Day to make things simple.

AutoZone Gift Cards

As the pandemic subsides and people get back on the road, they may need routine maintenance or repairs for their vehicles and an AutoZone gift card will come in very handy. Help fathers get their cars in tip-top shape for work, running errands, or even a family road trip! 


Lowe’s Gift Cards

Many fathers enjoy home improvement, remodeling, and hardware items; Lowe’s provides access to all of that! A Lowe’s gift card gives Dads the ability to take on any project they desire.  


Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Cards

From sports equipment to shoes, to workout clothing and more, a gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods offers a huge variety of sports gear that fathers can pick from and enjoy.


The Home Depot Gift Cards

The Home Depot has everything from construction tools, garden supplies, home services, and more.  For fathers who enjoy handy work and construction projects, The Home Depot gift card will suit them perfectly.  


Foot Locker Gift Cards

Foot Locker has thousands of active shoe brands from which to choose. Give a Foot Locker gift card to promote a healthier lifestyle for Dads to get moving with their family members. 


Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Cards

Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards give fathers a way to celebrate their special day with a sweet treat and maybe even share with their family! 


The Engage2Reward Choice Card 

The Engage2Reward Choice Card gives complete versatility with over 250 eGift cards from which to choose. While this gift card may feel less personal than the other options listed above, its advantage is that it offers endless possibilities for the receiver to choose from. 

E2R Rewards Choice Card_v1

Looking for more options? We offer over 300 gift cards so you can find something for every Dad in your organization. 

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