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Free Guide: How to Improve Medicaid Vaccination Rates

As of January 2022 62.8% of eligible Americans have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This milestone is significant and essential to help protect the nation’s health. Unfortunately, studies show that vaccination rates for the low-income Medicaid population are lower than that of the general population.

Since Medicaid is federally funded and state-driven, there is a wide discrepancy between different states in vaccination policies, incentives, and numbers of vaccinated Medicaid-eligible people. 

However, there is an advantage to this variance in vaccination rates across states. Many states have tried different ways to motivate their residents to get vaccinated.

States with lagging vaccination rates can implement the strategies that have worked for other states and allot federally-funded Medicaid dollars to vaccine incentives that have been proven to raise awareness, overcome hesitancy, and boost vaccination rates.

To help you decide what incentives to use in your program, we have created a free Medicaid Vaccination Guide that will help you decide what type of rewards will be most effective to in raising vaccination rates within your organization. 


Get started today by downloading our free guide!


Free Guide: Improving Medicaid Vaccination Rates

Topics: Vaccines, Medicaid and Medicare, Medicaid & Medicare Incentives

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