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Free Guide: How to Create Health & Wellness Programs That Lower Healthcare Costs

Chronic diseases cost healthcare providers and employers $36 billion annually. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to combat the risk chronic disease poses on patients and employees. Avoid high healthcare premiums and low productivity due to chronic illnesses by downloading our free guide. 

Research shows that a well-structured health and wellness program with the right rewards and incentives can fight chronic illness and improve employee engagement rates, productivity, and loyalty. 

Learn how to design an effective wellness program around winnable battles to fight chronic disease. 

In our guide you will learn: 

  • How chronic diseases increase healthcare costs and loss of productivity
  • The top chronic illnesses that affect employee health and US healthcare spend 
  • Preventable chronic disease risk factors to focus on when designing a wellness program
  • How to combat the 4 biggest challenges for employee engagement and participation in wellness initiatives
  • How the right incentives will help motivate and kickstart better health choices 

Get started today by downloading our free guide!


Free Guide: Reduce Employer Chronic Disease Costs: Creating a Wellness Program That Lowers Your Healthcare Costs

Topics: Workplace Health & Wellness, Health Incentives, Healthcare, Patient Health

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