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10 Employee Engagement Sessions You Need To See At The 2017 SHRM Conference

Posted, by Mark Ouellette
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With more than 200 sessions on the schedule, the 2017 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Conference and Expo covers many hot topics including employee engagement and worker retention.

The SHRM schedule is loaded with pre-conference and concurrent sessions, as well as workshops that you can attend between June 17 and June 21 at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

After combing through the schedule, we've compiled a list of 10 sessions dealing with employee engagement and retention that we think you'll love to see at the 2017 SHRM conference. 

Employee Engagement 

1) Engaging The Workforce Of The Future: The Emergence Of Generation Z

  • While many employers have focused their attention on millennials, the largest workforce in the US, this session will teach you how to recruit, engage and retain Gen Zers when they enter the job market. Learn More

2) Building The Case For ROI That Employee Engagement Drives Business Results

  • In this session, find out what top US companies are doing to properly measure employee engagement, and how they're using that data to make informed investments in their business. Read On

3) Leading Virtual Teams: Increasing Engagement & Managing Performance

  • Of the 15,000-plus American employees surveyed last year, Gallup reports that 43 percent did some work from home. With companies seemingly allowing more remote work opportunities, this session will focus on the best methods of engaging and supervising your team.

4) Simple Truths Of Appreciation And Recognition: Low-Cost Or No-Cost Ideas To Keep Employees Engaged

5) Creating Real Employee Engagement Without Spending A Dime

  • Don't have a penny to spare in your HR budget to help spark employee engagement? This session will show you how to "use goals and measurement to empower your staff," according to the SHRM website. Read On

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Retain Employees

6) 30 Under 30: SHRM Award-Winners Share How To Attract & Retain Millennials

  • Forbes reports that modern mentoring is a great way to retain millennial workers. In this session, learn how to appeal to, engage with and keep your best millennials from looking for work elsewhere. Learn More

7) Hiring And Retaining Foreign National Employees: What You Need To Know

  • According to a Harris Poll survey of nearly 450 HR hiring managers and professionals, 55 percent of companies plan to see an increase in foreign national employees. This session will provide you with insight into the rules and regulations surrounding green cards and work visas. Read On

8) How To Recruit, On-Board And Retain Veteran Talent

  • Many employers may be concentrating their efforts on getting and retaining millennials, but they can't overlook the importance of hiring and keeping US veterans gainfully employed. This session provides effective techniques that can be used during the recruiting and on-boarding process. Discover More

9) The Catastrophic Cost Of Turnover And How To Reduce It In Minutes

  • A SHRM study revealed that 89 percent of American workers are either somewhat or very satisfied with their jobs. Making sure your employees are well compensated and happy in the work they do will lead to better retention. However, if you work for an employer experiencing higher than normal turnover, this session will detail how expensive it can be to have to constantly recruit and hire new employees. Learn More

10) Let My People Bring Their Kids To Work: Patagonia’s Secret To Employee Engagement And Retention

  • Did you know that 100 percent of Patagonia's women returned to the workforce after having children over the past five years? According to SHRM's website, this session will "highlight how Patagonia's family support links directly to the company's low turnover." Read On

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