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3 Ways to Satisfy Employees

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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We are hearing a lot of talk in the industry about employee perks and how best to satisfy your workforce. We entered a phase of foosball tables and stocked kitchens, kegs in the office, and unlimited vacation. Perks are great, but there are some simple, concrete and conventional ways to satisfy employees for the long-term, long after the allure of beer and recreation wears off. Here are three elements to keeping your employees satisfied:

  1. Healthcare: This is a big one. The most important benefit to employees is healthcare. Employees feel valued when their health coverage is comprehensive. Providing options for different levels of healthcare geared toward different populations of your staff is a critical piece of employee satisfaction. Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist for Glassdoor, points out that good healthcare is four times more likely to drive high workplace satisfaction.
  1. Retirement: These days everyone feels the pressure to save enough money for retirement. Long-term benefits like retirement planning will take time for employees to see an impact, but they have the longest effect on employee’s lives and well-being. Provide competitive 401k packages and financial literacy opportunities for younger employees. Making an investment in employees future not only satisfies them, it enables them to make the same investment in your organization.
  1. Time Off: We live in a world of flexible work schedules. 43% of Millennials recommended that employers promote offering flexible work schedules as a perk. However, it is even more important in today’s connected society to allow employees a work/life balance and time to unconditionally unplug. Time off is critical not only to employee satisfaction but also employee well-being 

Topics: Employee Benefits, Employee Engagement

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