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These 15 eGift Card Rewards Make Staying At Home More Enjoyable

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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Many individuals are adjusting to working from home these days due to the coronavirus—even for those of us who worked remotely before, it can be an adjustment to work while your family and others are at home too. 

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are still adapting to these new work-from-home environments, but one thing they may not be paying close enough attention to is how to continue engaging employees, customers, and clients in this new virtual world where everyone’s doing business from home. 

Engagement isn’t a new management challenge, but doing it remotely is new to many organizations. A popular engagement solution is using gift cards to motivate, reward, and engage with your team. With their ability to be delivered and redeemed online via text or email, eGift cards have emerged as ideal rewards and incentives in the wake of social distancing and quarantining being part of our daily reality.

Here is a list of 15 eGift card rewards that make staying home—even with a full household—more enjoyable.

eGift Cards for Essential Items

Ensuring your team has their essentials covered can put their minds at ease, making it possible to enjoy the little things from home.

  • CVS Pharmacy® gift cards: CVS Pharmacy carries a wide variety of essential medical items as well as household goods. In addition, CVS Pharmacy is currently offering free delivery for prescription and non-prescription items to support social distancing measures.

eGift Cards for Food Delivery and Meal Kits

Staying in every night can seem like we are in a constant cycle of asking “what’s for dinner?” but there are easier options to take care of meals.

  • Home Chef gift cards: Home Chef is making it easier for people to answer the dinnertime dilemma by taking the guesswork out of meal planning. Help save time by cutting the time it takes to search for recipes, eliminate the need to go to the grocery store, and bring people together around the dinner table to enjoy a home cooked meal.
  • Uber Eats or DoorDash gift cards: Want delivery from your favorite restaurant? Getting a meal delivered is a great way to help employees save time and also supports local restaurants in their area.

eGift Cards for the Home

As people spend more time at home, home improvement and renovation projects can become an opportunity to make living spaces more comfortable and functional for everyone.

eGift Cards for Entertainment

Who isn’t streaming and binge-watching these days? Whether it’s to escape for some personal time, or to bring the whole family together, entertainment outlets are a must to make staying at home more enjoyable.

  • Hulu, HBO Now, Showtime gift cards: Streaming content can come in handy when employees’ kids need an outlet, the adults need a quiet moment, or the family is looking to spend some quality time together. With multiple options available, home streaming content can bring reprieve to any home during this time.
  • Audible, Sirius XM, or Spotify gift cards: Audio streaming is a great way to listen to books,  podcasts, the news, or provide some music or meditation to entertain and relax each member of your employee’s family.

Employers who have the ability to make employees’ lives easier and more enjoyable by focusing on the human side of this pandemic will emerge with even greater retention and loyalty once life and business resumes to a level of normalcy. Don’t miss an opportunity to provide rewards and boost morale, even something as little as a $25 gift card can make a big difference in these challenging times.

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