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Love this Use of Gift Cards – Explore “______” (insert your city or town)

Gift Cards for a local cause Downturned since 2007, our economy has left many towns around the country in need of public building refurbishing, amenity face-lifts, main street store tenants, employers…it’s not hard to look around and see how our home-towns have been effected. For many regions and towns, recovery is on its way, while others are in need of fresh ideas and advocates to arouse the local economy. Historic Sewickley, PA has some pretty passionate advocates looking to breathe life back into their region. They’ve created an “Explore Sewickley” campaign complete with a
Facebook presence and “Explore Sewickley Gift Cards” to promote shopping at the local shops, boutiques and restaurants. Businesses and corporations can also infuse the local economy, helping local businesses thrive, when they provide local-centric gift cards like these as motivation, incentives and rewards.
What a fresh use of gift cards!

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