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2011 Holiday Outlook & How to Capture Shopper Attention

The voice of the consumer should be heard very clearly if retailers are going to make the most of the coming holiday season. On August 4th, 2011, Retail TouchPoints (RTP) published their Holiday Outlook and Retailer Case Studies from savvy retailers who are using technology in answer to call. “The retail industry is moving into the second half of what could be considered the best-performing sales cycle since the economic downturn, and the pressure is on to maximize holiday sales. To succeed during the 2011 holidays, retailers are adopting more innovative, customer-engaging strategies and tactics to create winning experiences across all channels” says RTP.
The 2011 Holiday Outlook is a report from
Retail TouchPoints (RTP) that addresses key trends and strategies driven by “omni-channel shoppers”. What will you find in the report? *    Shopping technologies are becoming an important factor for showing which retailers will capture the all-important economy recovering sales. “Shopper-driven technologies, such as tablets, and tactical ideas on how retailers can utilize the mobile channel to cater to today’s time-starved, empowered shoppers *    Retailers can learn about mining the social sphere to extend their holiday strategies beyond engagement and storefronts, capitalizing on peer reviews and user-generated content. *    Unique and effective ways retailers can be on the forefront of cross-channel innovation, by utilizing new media and integrating the shopping experience to drive customer engagement and sales.” And case studies from *    Kirkland’s “Glee Spree” multichannel promotion *    Coach’s recent venture into mobile commerce *    Hallmark.com’s ability to forecast and cater to seasonal online demand; and *    JCPenney’s aggressive iPad implementation designed to deliver a seamless in-store experience Click here for the RTP article:
Retail TouchPoints 2011 Holiday Outlook Highlights Holiday Must-Haves Click here for the Retailer Case Studies PDF:
Savvy Retailers Can Count On A Winning Season

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