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The New Face of Marketing to Millennials: What Retailers Need to Know

Millennials are like marketing unicorns: tough to catch but oh-so-worthwhile when you do. Merchants are struggling with how to harness this power and use it to market to millennials, since the younger generation has tremendous spending power and is the largest growing segment of the American workforce.

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Tackle Holiday Marketing & Payments in 2016

In the heat of the holiday shopping season, merchants ask themselves things like, “How many consumers are shopping on mobile?,” or “What will my omnichannel mix look like this year?”, and “How do we balance the quantity and timing of discounts and promotions?” Let’s take a fresh look at each of these questions:

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Fighting the Flu with CVS Pharmacy

This year almost 60% of Americans will either get a flu vaccine or plan to get one. Convenience is the predominate factor that makes them more likely to have themselves and their families vaccinated for the flu. 

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Let's Talk About Employee Flu Shots

The flu is no laughing matter. Each year there are more than 111 million sick days taken from the flu which leads to 7 billion dollars in lost productivity. Flu season officially starts in October and ends in May, making summer the ideal time to start preparing your workforce. This can mean educating people on simple things they can do in order to stay healthy; like washing their hands throughout the day, carrying tissues, and drinking the recommended 64 ounces of water every day. So what can you, the employer do? Provide employee flu shots.

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Leveraging Gift Cards During National Cheesecake Day 2016

One of America’s sweetest holidays is almost upon us. National Cheesecake Day is observed every July 30th. This tradition started by The Cheesecake Factory, is a great way for families to come together over a sweet treat. This year, the Cheesecake Factory will introduce new Chocolate Hazelnut Crunch Cheesecake, topped with Nutella, laying on a blonde brownie crust. Slices will be available for half price on National Cheesecake Day. Click here for more details

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