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Leverage Loyalty Programs: And Customers

Customers love loyalty programs. This is a long-standing tradition and has only evolved with new technologies. Many times loyalty programs are tailored to each store’s primary audience to both increase engagement and for customer retention. They bridge the relationship between the retailer and the consumer shopping/buying process. Now it’s time for organizations to leverage loyalty programs. A recent infographic by Selfstartr showed how loyalty programs are on the rise. The average number of loyalty programs per household was up 13.3% in 2015, increasing from 10.9% in 2014, and they are even popular with affluent shoppers.

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Digital Gift Card Growth in B2B: 3 Trends to Consider

The only thing constant in the B2B gift card market is that it’s constantly evolving. This can leave retailers scrambling to keep up with the flow and not get left behind. One such evolution is digital gift card growth in the B2B market. Retailers are taking a closer look at the effect this growth in digital has on the bottom line of their B2B gift card program.

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Smartphones Drive Retail Sales

In the tenth edition of Forrester Research’s “State of Online Retailing” report, we learned something profound about how our shopping has evolved. For the first time, smartphones drive retail sales, surpassing computers and tablets in online shopping dollars. Not only have tablets fallen off as a sales driver, but they have also found a new, innovative home in a different corner of the retail cycle.

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Whole Foods 'Values Matter' Brand Campaign

2016 is looking to be a huge year for the organic foods industry. And as the world's leader in natural and organic foods, Whole Foods Market is no exception. The organic foods giant is rethinking its business model and revamping its brand to stay competitive with a slew of new competitors. Whole Foods ended 2015 with over $15 billion in sales, and their growing competition can likely be attributed to their own success. Whole Foods Market CEO, John Mackey recently commented,

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The December CVS eNewsletter is Here!

CVS December eNewsletter

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