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How to Create Customer Loyalty

Merchants are constantly trying to figure out how to create customer loyalty. In an age of digital price comparison where Amazon and Walmart usually win the day, businesses are trying to devise lasting strategies to ensure that they develop real customer loyalty and keep consumers coming back again and again.

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2015 B2B Gift Card Study, Industry Trends

GiftCard Partners, Inc. has been at the forefront of B2B gift cards since we started out more than a decade ago. Some might call it obsession, others might say it's our job, but we like to use one word in particular, passion. That passion led us to commission a B2B Gift Cards Study back in 2013. We teamed up with
Shapiro+Raj, a research company with more than 50 years of experience of conducting behavior and opinion research, to get a clear pulse on the B2B Gift Card Industry. As a company we are constantly learning and evolving in the marketplace as trends in technology, payments, wellness and much more continue to grow. In order to be the best partner for our clients, we needed a strong understanding of what was happening out on the front lines, with the consumer, not just B2B. Our 2013 B2B Gift Card Study did just that. We focused on two key areas:

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Back to School, Not Just About the Kids

Back to school time is upon us and it's not just about the kids! For the third consecutive year, Lane Bryant has taken a non-student based approach to the back to school season. The Chalk It Up to Style promotion is geared towards teachers and supports school staff. The promotion runs until August 31, 2015.
Teachers and staff who shop at Lane Bryant during the promotional period can enjoy a 15% savings on their total purchase when they show their valid school ID or pay stub. For other customers who shop at the store during the Chalk it up to Style promotion will have their chance to participate as well. Customers can round up their purchase total at the register and the additional proceeds will benefit AdoptAClassroom.org. Adopt a Classroom is a non-profit organization that provides funding for teachers to purchase classroom supplies and materials needed to create a dynamic learning environment where children can learn and succeed. Lane Bryant now has 762 locations nationwide, as well as 24/7 shopping online at www.lanebryant.com. Lane Bryant Gift Cards are also available in bulk at discounted rates. Learn More.
When it comes to the kids... For many of you, back to school time can be both exciting and stressful.  
The average parent spends over $600 in back to school clothing and supplies.  But many parents are purchasing items that their kids really just don't need. In the article, Don't Buy These 10 Back-to-School ItemsForbes helps you plan for back to school and discusses which items you may be able to cross off the list.

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Whole Foods Locations to Increase

Whole Foods locations will be increasing almost three-fold in the coming years. America's healthiest grocery store saw an 8% increase in sales in their third quarter, a record $3.6 billion. Strong cash flow and increased revenue have allowed room for this expansion. To start, Whole Foods has recently signed 8 new leases for both Whole Foods Market and the first opening of 365 by Whole Foods Market Stores, expected to hit the scene in 2016. 365 by Whole Foods is a new convenient and affordable way to get all the food you crave, 365 days a year. Grocery staples, fresh produce, prepared foods and more with the same quality standards as a typical Whole Food store.

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The B2B Gift Card Market is Changing, Are You Keeping Up?

The B2B gift card market is ever changing, especially in the Business-to-Business or B2B sector of the market. The B2B sector, which includes third party gift cards, loyalty and incentive programs, corporate wellness and more, now stretches to make up a significant piece of the gift card market.

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