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Whole Foods 'Values Matter' Brand Campaign

Posted, by Deborah Merkin
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2016 is looking to be a huge year for the organic foods industry. And as the world's leader in natural and organic foods, Whole Foods Market is no exception. The organic foods giant is rethinking its business model and revamping its brand to stay competitive with a slew of new competitors. Whole Foods ended 2015 with over $15 billion in sales, and their growing competition can likely be attributed to their own success. Whole Foods Market CEO, John Mackey recently commented,

“People are copying us…We used to beg people to write articles about us. We were just seen as a bunch of hippies selling food to other hippies. So I’m kind of very proud of the fact that Whole Foods has really changed the world, that the whole food industry has changed because of Whole Foods Market.”

Throughout 2016, the organic grocer will be implementing a nine-points plan that highlight Whole Foods values. Some of the points emphasized will be: cutting costsinnovation, and marketingcommunicating the Whole Foods difference.

Communicating the Whole Foods Difference

When it comes to communicating the Whole Foods brand difference, they released the Whole Foods 'Values Matter' national brand campaign highlighting the company’s groundbreaking quality standards, healthy offerings, and key milestones as a pioneer in the natural and organic food industry. By communicating the company’s deeper purpose and its history of celebrating food and the people who produce it, the multichannel advertising initiative demonstrates the values as “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store.”

Check out a couple of the Whole Foods 'Values Matter' Brand Campaign ads


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